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Position Overview:

Reporting to either the Director of Pre-Construction Operations or Chief Estimator, the Estimator is accountable for assigned projects that are in the pursuit and pre-construction phase.

Working independently and as part of a project team, the Estimator is responsible for:

  • Quantity Estimating and Cost Planning 

  • Construction Planning and Scheduling

  • Risk Management

  • Customer and Sub-Contractor Relationship Management


The Estimator receives direct supervision and assistance from Company Management regarding overall policy and securement objectives. As well, is encouraged to present win and securement strategies to ensure attainment of those objectives.

Achieving these objectives will always be balanced with:

  • Working Safely

  • Maintaining Integrity and Business Ethics

  • Achieving Corporate Profitability

  • Realizing Client and Client Influencer Expectations

  • Sustaining Sub-Contractor Satisfaction



  • Participate in project pursuits of varying project delivery model.

  • Accountable for accuracy and completeness of estimates for assigned pursuits and projects in the pre-construction stage.

  • Perform quantity take-off of all labour, equipment, materials and sub-contractors required to complete work and to ensure accuracy of pricing.

  • Develop detailed General Conditions estimates.

  • Conduct detailed analysis of the project requirements (schedule, bonding, insurance, warranties, etc.) and identify any associated risk factors.

  • Establish most likely construction critical path schedules.

  • Coordinate document distribution with the assigned project team and sub-contractors.

  • Solicit specific project pricing from sub-contractors and/or vendors.

  • Regularly correspond with sub-contractors, confirming bid intent, labour durations, availability of materials, constructability concerns, project risks, etc.

  • Prepare final tender documents or RFP documents ready for submission.

  • Lead or participate in the closing of estimates and in the submission of bids.

  • Participate in Client presentations.

  • Work with Company Management in post tender / budget negotiations and post-tender submissions.

  • Review historical project information from past estimates and construction projects.


  • Solicit specific project bonding and insurance documentation and pricing from the Company’s surety provider.

  • Review project details and identify any potential risks prior to the project starting.

  • Prepare risk registers including any related costs, schedule impacts and prepare a mitigation plan to assist in the reduction of the identified risk items.

  • Prepare a project issues log and participate in a detailed estimate review.



  • Participate in construction planning.

  • Attend project pre-construction and design meetings.

  • Participate in project development activities defining: scope, schedule, costs, and quality impacts.

  • Participate in developing cost formats that facilitates the Client’s needs.

  • Develop conceptual estimates, staged budgets and perform continuous estimating / cost advice and value-engineering. 

  • Prepare tender packages for sub-contractors and vendors, ensuring transfer of relevant contract risk.



  • Champion positive word of mouth for Marrbeck Construction Ltd.

  • Work to identify lead and securement opportunities through contact with Clients, Consultants, Sub-contractors, and others in industry. 

  • Represent Marrbeck Construction Ltd. at industry events.



  • Participate in construction planning of projects.

  • Transfer project knowledge to the construction team.

  • Finalize sub-contracts and assist the Project Manager in awarding of other sub-contracts.

  • Assist the Project Manager with cost coding structure and set-up for accounting upload, and productivity tracking.

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