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About Marrbeck


Marrbeck Construction Ltd. is a first-generation regional construction services provider focused on building construction of varying typology.

Since our inception, we have successfully delivered various public and private sector projects in Manitoba and North-Western Ontario and are proud to have entrusted several clients to become repeat customers. Clients and client influencers recognize our wealth of experience is shaped with our selection of talented team members. For this reason, the company has opted for a controlled / balanced growth approach to business.


Our history began in 2012 when partners Terry Hanstead and Keith Boucher decided to deliver their vision of a customer focused contractor whose skillsets would allow the growth of the organization to serve clients.

Growth would not only be determined by company volume and/or project size, but more importantly, by becoming a recognized leader in the delivery of services through the combination of experienced personnel, careful implementation of technologies, and remaining flexible.

Fast-forward twelve years, the company continues to stay true to our vision - building with you. Our tightly knit team has grown into a firm that repeatedly serves clients. 


There is comfort working with our team; a highly experienced group of individuals with decades of experience working through multiple construction management positions ultimately in the roles they have taken on today.

What’s unique about Marrbeck Construction is, one – we all have performed each other’s role, empathy is inherent and second, we’re all at a stage in our lives where balance of life and work are normalized, and energy is not wasted on our “next promotion”. 


Marrbeck utilizes Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) to manage project documentation and implement real-time collaboration with all project stakeholders. We provide licenses to our clients and consultants to be able to fully utilize the benefits of cloud-based data sharing. By using ACC on projects, the project team can streamline their workflows, enhance collaboration, and ultimately deliver projects more efficiently and with higher quality.


The safety and security of the public, staff and the workers are paramount to us. In 2013, we received our Certificate of Recognition (COR) and have regularly maintained our certification using a pragmatic approach of adopting new protocols and staying current. This is reflected in our excellent safety record over the past 10 years. 


To help keep workers safe against Covid-19, we implemented our own Employee Vaccination/Testing Policy.

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