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Club Regent Casino HVAC Upgrade

1425 Regent Avenue West
Winnipeg, Manitoba

This project scope consists of removal and replacement of primary roof top heating/cooling mechanical equipment along with new roof curbs and associated structural reinforcing and roofing repair work. Interior elements of this HVAC work include installation and replacement of electric reheat coils and installation and programing of new DDC controls for the building HVAC systems.

The removal and replacement of the roof mounted equipment is categorized as critical lifting due to the sizes and weights of the components. Critical lift procedures for removing the existing equipment and placing new HVAC components require careful coordination with existing facility operations, crane operators and trades performing the work. Critical lifts are a safety concern for everyone involved with the work as well as facility staff inside the building, and as such, are scheduled to take place during non public hours. Further to this, interior spaces on all floors are vacated and access is controlled during the lift periods in order to ensure that no personnel are within the lift radius.


General Contractor





Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation

Number Ten Architectural Group



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