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Keewatin Public School Childcare Renovations

330 Mill Street
Kenora, Ontario

This project entailed comprehensive renovations both indoors and outdoors, aimed at transforming the current main floor classrooms and storage rooms along the eastern wing of Keewatin Public School into a modern kindergarten and childcare facility. Covering approximately 285 square meters of floor space, the renovation encompasses a range of tasks including associated mechanical and electrical upgrades. Additionally, part of the project involves replacing roughly 10.3 meters of exterior wall and windows along the eastern elevation of the school, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

All construction activities were meticulously carried out while the building remained operational. Marrbeck collaborated closely with the school staff to carefully schedule any noisy operations and system shutdowns after regular hours, ensuring minimal disruption to the school's daily functions. To facilitate direct access for construction personnel without the need to enter the school premises, strategically planned hoardings were installed. These hoardings not only provided a dedicated pathway for workers but also effectively contained dust and odors, safeguarding the school environment from contamination


General Contractor





Keewatin-Patricia Public School Board

LM Architectural Group



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