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Lakeshore General Hospital & PCH Emergency Power Upgrade and Installation

Ashern, Manitoba

The work for this project consists of the supply and installation of two new 600V diesel Emergency Back-up Generators, in a new 2-hour fire rated and vented generator enclosure to provide emergency power to the new twenty-six (26) bed addition as well as the existing Lakeshore General Hospital. Also included within this scope of work is the generator building feeder cables, new automatic transfer switch (ATS), emergency feeder as new emergency distribution. Due to the lead time of the new ATS specified and having to remove the existing generator prior to turning on the new ones, Marrbeck is organizing the rental of a temporary generator to provide backup power to the exiting hospital until the new generators can be installed, tested, and commissioned for their intended purpose. These new backup generators are critical to opening the new inpatient bed addition to the public therefore Marrbeck will continuously monitor equipment lead times and work progress to make any necessary adjustments to maintain this date.


General Contractor


In Progress



Interlake Eastern Regional Health Authority

MCW Consultants Ltd.



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